The Muscle Locker 13mm Power Belt


13mm High-Quality

Our belt is 13mm thick, 10cm wide and is made from the highest quality genuine cow hide leather to IPF spec. It features a non-slip suede interior and black oiled leather finish.

Premium Stainless Steel Lever Buckle

Not only does our buckle come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE but it enables you to tighten the belt to its maximum tightness whilst being able to release with minimal effort making it the quickest and easiest option. Simply undo the 4 screws to adjust to your size.

Firm &
Heavy Duty

Our lever belt has a firm yet broken in feel enabling it to quickly form to your body whilst remaining rigid. It is the ultimate weightlifting belt for men & women.


Our weight lifting belt was not just designed for the average gym goer but are used by elite powerlifters, strongmen, weightlifters, olympic & crossfit athletes. Our powerlifting belt is an absolute must for your gym training workouts.

The ultimate lever belt

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